• Welcome to the Special Education Team Website


    Welcome!  We are here to assist you with information and or questions you may have about the ARD (Annual, Review, and Dismissal) process.  If you are unsure of whom you need to speak with, please contact the ARD Facilitator, Betsy Wilson and she will provide guidance for you.

    Below you will find contact information for the Special Education team.


     Brenda Oser - Special Education Secretary - sends out invites and schedules ARD meetings for your child.     

    • Email:   oserb@georgetownisd.org
    • Phone:  512-943-5000  ext. 6609


    Elizabeth "Betsy" Wilson - ARD Facilitator - facilitates the ARD meetings and provides guidance to parents/guardians and teachers relating to the ARD process. 

    • Email:   wilsone@georgetownisd.org   
    • Phone:  512-943-5000  ext. 8518


    Sarah Hays - Diagnostician - special education evaluation.   

    • Email:  hayss@georgetownisd.org   
    • Phone:  512-943-5000  ext. 7764


    Mary Clare Tanner - Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP) - special education counseling services and evauluations.   

    •  Email:  tannerm@georgeownisd.org   
    •  Phone:  512-943-5068