• My husband, Ronny, and I

    Misty Allen

    Mitchell Elementary
    Fourth Grade Teacher: Math and Science
    Phone: (512) 943-1820 ext. 8308
    Email: allenm@georgetownisd.org 


    Hello Mitchell family!! I am so excited to begin this adventurous year!! This year I will be partner teaching with Mrs. Barksdale! I will be teaching on campus fourth grade math and science. I believe that although students learn at their own pace, all students can learn! I love watching students that are learning a new concept grow into independent, problem solvers! It is my pleasure to work with the students of Mitchell Elementary!


    Ms. Allen’s 

    Virtual Learning Schedule 


    7:45-8:00 Office Hours

    8:00-8:10 Live Morning Meeting:Welcome/Attendance/Something Good

    8:10-8:20 Live Number Talks (Block 1)

    8:20-8:40 Live Math Lesson (Block 1)

    8:40-9:25 Specials (P.E, Art, Music, Library, BLC) 

    9:25-9:30 Break (Block 1)

    9:30-10:20  Ind. Math, Choice Activities; Live Small Groups (Block 1) 

    10:20-10:30 Transition/Snack

    10:30-11:00 Live or Ind. Science (Block 1


    11:00-11:45 RTI/Small Groups (Ind. unless it’s your day of small group)


    11:45-11:50 Switch Classes/Break 


    11:50-12:00 Live Block 2 Meeting:Welcome/Attendance/Something Good (Block 2) 

    12:00-12:10 Live Number Talks (Block 2

    12:10-1:00 Recess and Lunch

    1:00-1:20 Live Math Lesson (Block 2)

    1:20-2:10  Ind. Math, Choice Activities; Live Small Groups (Block 2

    2:10-2:20 Transition/Break

    2:20-2:50 Live or  Ind. Science (Block 2

    2:50-3:00 Live Launch (Block 2

    3:00-3:45 Office Hours


    Block 1- Mrs. Allen’s Homeroom Class

    Block 2- Ms. Barksdale’s Homeroom Class