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    I love teaching fourth grade, and am so happy to be part of the talented team at Mitchell Elementary. I teach language arts and social studies, and have a master's degree in both education and library & information science. It is a privilege to be part of your child's education, and I am so excited about our year!


    Valarie Nielson

    Mrs. Valarie Nielson
    4th Grade Teacher

    512-943-5000 x8322

    Office Hours
    7:15-7:45 & 3:15-3:45

    My Schedule 

    7:30-7:45 | Office Hours

    7:55-8:40 |  Morning Class 8:40-9:40 | Conference 

    10:30-11:10 | Maverick Time

    11:20-11:40 | Recess

    11:40-12:05 | Lunch

    12:30 | Afternoon Class

    1:45-2:25 | Maverick Time


    3:15-3:45 | Office Hours

    Morning Class - Mrs. Nielson’s Homeroom Class

    Afternoon Class- Mr. Sariñana’s Homeroom Class