Important Announcements from Your Carver Counselors



    It is a great idea to plan ahead by putting upcoming events on your calendar.  In May, you will want to go into Skyward and update your child's registration data.  This is something we need to update annually.  A few things which can change throughout the schoolyear and which may need updating include:

    Emergency Contacts and Phone Numbers

    Parent's Work Phone Numbers 

    Family Assistance Form (Request for resources may need to be added or taken off, and specific types may need to be changed.) (NOTE: If you check NO to wanting resources, the system will not recognize types of resources even if checked.  You must select YES in order for your request to be recognized and populate in our search for those requesting types of resources.)


    *Introducing - Laundry Love: Free Washing, Drying and Detergent for Those in Need is available in Georgetown on the days listed at the following locations:

     ~2nd Tuesday of every month at Mr. Laundry Laundromat, 203 Thousand Oaks

     ~Last Thursday of every month at U Wash M Laundromat, 1103 S. Main Street