• A downloadable version of the class policies and procedures can be found at the following link: Class Policies and Procedures

    Contact Information:  justicej@georgetownisd.org

                                       512-943-1800 ext. 8057


    Conference Period: A Day–9:45-10:45 AM

    B Day–1:45- 2:34 PM

                                     Before/After School


    Supplies Needed for Class:    


    Loose-leaf Paper

    Facial Tissue


    Map Colors/Colors

    Glue/Glue Sticks

    Binder which stays in class


    Sticky Notes

    Five Dividers




    *I anticipate that the supplies will be used in many of the student’s classes, and I do not intend to store them (other than the box of facial tissue). 

    **No food or drink is allowed in class.  Students not in their assigned seats when the bell rings will be counted tardy.


    Behavioral Expectations: Prepared, Prompt, Polite, Professional, Productive


    A substantial amount of material will be presented each day.  I expect my students to respect me and one another.  There should be very little talking during instruction.  Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.  Students are expected to take care of their needs between classes so as not to miss instruction.  Upon arrival, students are expected to sit in their assigned seats, read the instructions on the board or overhead, and begin their warm-up activity. 


    Behavior:                 The first offense will result in a warning.

                                     The second offense will result in hallway discussion and/or parent contact.

                                     The third offense will result in a teacher detention and/or referral.


    Cell Phones: No cell phones are allowed during class unless authorized by me.  Students are required to place their cell phones in the Cell Phone Parking Lot in the front of the room at the beginning of class.


    • 1st offense: verbal warning

    • 2nd offense: verbal warning w/ a reminder of consequences as a classroom management note

    • 3rd offense: Office referral, consequences and possible confiscation of phone for remainder of the school day.

    • Persistent violations will result in phone privileges being revoked for individual students. Students would be required to turn in their phone to an office at the start of the school day and could retrieve it at the end of the school day. 

    • A link to the complete cell phone policy can be found on page 62 of the student handbook.



    • Each teacher will allow for 1 student out at a time to use the restroom and students must have a pass for their designated area.

    • Each classroom and hallway will have a designated rest room for use.  This will be determined by location and will be identified by a designated color for each hallway. (ex: red, blue, yellow, green…)

    • Students must be actively using the restroom or washing their hands when in the restroom. 

    • If students are loitering in the restroom in groups, an office referral and consequences  for inappropriate behavior or being out of their designated area will be issued.

    • If students are found in a stall with another student, an office referral and consequences  for inappropriate behavior or being out of their designated area will be issued.


    Grading Policy:        Homework/Daily                 30%

                                     Assessment/Test                 70%

                                     Semester Exam                   20% of total grade


    Late Work: Homework assignments will be turned in at the beginning of class on the day the assignment is due.  If it is not turned in at that point, it will be considered late.  A student will have three days to complete the assignment with a 10% deduction per dayNo late work is accepted in English I Advanced.    


    Absent Work: If any work was assigned while a student was absent, the student has that many days to complete it.  Example: If a student were out 1 day (A/B day, for instance), the student has 1 day (A/B day) to turn in the assignment or complete an assessment; if the student were out 2 days, he/she has 2 days.   If a student is absent and an assignment was assigned prior to the absence, the student is expected to have the assignment turned in upon his/her return to class.  Example: If homework was assigned on Wednesday and due Friday but the student was absent on Friday, the assignment is due on Monday. 


    Remind 101: I use Remind.com to remind students about homework assignments and due dates.  The number that generates the text message is not mine, so I will not/cannot respond to texts. 

    English I                   @h82d83 to 81010

    English I Advanced       @fe7g4d to 81010