• True Colors Personality Quiz

    Posted by Hannah Mccoy on 2/19/2020 9:15:00 AM

    This month, I talked with our 4th and 5th graders about ways to be creative and the things that make each one of us unique. We talked about the importance of being kind to and including all people, regardless of their differences. The scholars took a personality quiz to see what "color" they are (blue, orange, green, or gold). Fun fact about me, I'm a blue :) Here's a link to the personality quiz that we took, along with an explination of what each color means

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  • Digital Citizenship

    Posted by Hannah Mccoy on 9/17/2019

    Yesterday, we had two wonderful volunteers from Trend Micro come talk to our 3rd-5th grade scholars about digital citizenship and safety. Check out these photos and resources.

    Raising Digital Citizens

    Mr. Matt

    Mr. Doug

    Digital Safety



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  • August Counselor Introductions

    Posted by Hannah Mccoy on 8/26/2019

    I have had so much fun introducing myself and explaining what the school counselor does to all our McCoy scholars this month. Here is a picture of items I packed in my special counselor bag. Ask your scholar what each item represents.

    Counselor Bag

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  • Screenagers Presentation - Ages 10 & up

    Posted by Hannah Mccoy on 8/20/2019

    Screenagers Presentation  September 10th - RSVP Now!

    For students ages 10+

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