• Schedule Change Policy

    Questions about student schedules or schedule change requests should be directed to the counselors.  We make every effort to support our students while also adhering to our district schedule change policy.  Requests to speak to a counselor can be made at the request link or by picking up a form at the counseling office.  

    To request a schedule change, please click here. 

    GISD Pre-AP Commitment Information

    Pre-AP courses are a commitment for students and their families.  Follow the link for information about the commitment students make when signing up for Pre-AP courses.  The fall window to drop or exit a Pre-AP course is September 5-26th.  Please contact a counselor for a Pre-AP drop form.  

    Off Campus Physical Education (OCPE)

    The purpose of the OCPE Program is to accommodate students who are making a serious effort to develop higher-level skills in a specific activity that exceeds what the school district can offer through the general physical education program. The OCPE Program allows students in 6th through 12th grades to earn credits that meet the district and state physical education requirements. Only agencies who have been trained and approved by GISD can provide OCPE credit.