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  • When will attendance zone changes go into effect?

    Attendance zone changes will not take place until the start of the 2020-2021 school year.

    Will the proposed zones change?

    The zones that we have proposed are simply a first draft. An important part of this process is to get community feedback and make adjustments where they are necessary.

    If my student’s attendance zone has been changed can he/she stay at his/her current campus?

    We always look for ways to allow grandfathering so students have the option to remain with their current campus cohort until it is time to transition to middle school or high school. At this time we have not finalized what this could look like. In the past, we have been able to allow 4th graders to remain at their current campus through 5th grade and in other cases we have been able to allow current students and their incoming siblings to remain at their current campus. The scope of what we can allow through the grandfathering process depends on capacity numbers at our campuses. Many times the main concern with grandfathering is busing, as we do not have the transportation capacity to bus a neighborhood to multiple schools. We hope to have this information solidified before we begin our public meetings on December 3.

    What does the district consider when drafting proposed attendance zones?

    As we go through the process of rezoning we take the following into consideration:

    • Capacity numbers at all campuses
    • Future growth projections
      • We get quarterly demographic reports that show us future housing trends, student projections, student cohort sizes, birth rates, etc. This information allows us to plan for the future.
    • Geography (in terms of how far is it to a campus)
      • Typically, elementaries are relatively close because we have more of them, middle school zones are more spatial, and high school zones are the largest.
    • Student Demographics
    • Past boundary changes and what future boundaries might need to look like
      • We try our best not to make the same neighborhoods change schools twice before a student cohort transitions to middle school or high school.

    Will the proposed attendance zone changes impact high schools?

    No, the current attendance boundary proposal will affect some neighborhoods in the following attendance zones:

    • Pickett Elementary
    • Carver Elementary
    • Mitchell Elementary 
    • Wagner Middle School

    My student participates in the dual language program at his/her current campus and our neighborhood will be changing attendance zones, will the new campus have dual language or can he stay at his current campus?

    There are plans for the new campuses to have dual language programs, should those campuses not have programs we would figure out a way to allow students to remain at their current school. We would never make changes that would remove a student from a particular program.

    Will La Conterra residents need to move to the new school?

    The original plan had La Conterra being rezoned to Williams Elementary School. Following parent inquiry, we created an alternate plan that would keep those students at Carver and will continue to review that as an option.