• Below are the presentations (in both English and Spanish) that were presented to incoming 6th grade students and parents about course selections for 6th grade.  Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

    6th Grade Course Selection Presentation

    6th Grade Information Presentation in Spanish

  • Information about the Middle School Aged Child

    Middle school can be an intimidating and difficult transition for both students and parents.  Below are lists of some of the changes you may experience and some tips for parents during this time.

     Middle School Students:

    • The world revolves around “ME!”
    • Highly self-conscious; increased focus on appearance; overly sensitive
    • Fluctuations in friendships is common; cliques form (often defined by excluding others)
    • Increased importance of peers; influence of family diminishes
    • Highly emotional; reactions can be extreme
    • Growing need for privacy
    • Increasing need for, and ability to handle, independence
    • Years of extraordinary change.  Developmental and Intellectual growth in these years will not be duplicated again in the childs’ lifetime

     Parenting Tips:

    • Listen without judgment; try not to react emotionally to what you hear
    • Interject carefully and ask open-ended questions:
      • “I’m proud of your decision.”
      • How do you feel about what happened?”
      • How do you think that may work out?”
      • “I’m here to listen when you need me.”
    • Note their emotions
      • “I can see you’re upset.”
      • “This seems to really be bothering you.”
      • “You are really sad about this.”