• Schedule Change Guidelines

    In addition to meeting with the counselors through the course selection process, we highly encourage students, families, and teachers to have discussions about course options before submitting course selection sheets. Benold Middle School follows the Georgetown ISD Secondary School Schedule Change Guidelines which state: 
    Students will choose their courses for the following school year before spring break.  Students will have the opportunity to make changes to these requests at course verification time in April-May.  In order to prepare for the following school year, and to ensure the accuracy of the requests, we only allow requests to be made on the course selection worksheet and/or the course verification worksheet, and we require a parent signature.  After these processes are complete, students may request a schedule change.  Schedule change requests must be made in writing, with a parent signature, within five (5) days of the start of class.  Requests may not be approved.

    Requests for schedule changes will be approved for the following reasons:

    1.  Error in schedule (This will be confirmed by counselor and the course verification form.  If the course verification form was not returned, this request will be denied.)
    2.  Student failure in prerequisite course
    3.  Change in program (athletics, band, choir, orchestra, etc.)
    For more information about the GISD Secondary Schedule Change Guidelines, please click here: GISD Secondary Schools Schedule Change Guidelines.