Trauma Sensitivity

  • Below is information regarding Trauma Informed Professional Development and Student Programming provided by the Georgetown ISD website.


    Trauma Informed Professional Development

    All Faculty and Staff:

    • All faculty and staff will receive information on the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) study at the start of each school year.  Faculty and staff will have the opportunity to receive in-depth professional development during district growth days. GISD currently utilizes a locally developed presentation for the initial faculty presentation and the ACEs Interface Training for the in-depth opportunity. [under development]
    • Starting in the Spring of 2020, GISD will begin training faculty and staff in Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRi).  This training will be available to groups of staff across all GISD campuses and records will be kept as we make progress in providing this training for all staff.  [under development]
    • As district goal is to have all faculty and staff trained in Capturing Kids’ Hearts - a system that supports teacher/student relationships and promotes an effective learning environment.  [under development]


    School Counselors:

    • School counselors will be provided with a community resource guide as well as tools in helping parents as they seek counseling resources for students with a trauma background.  [current]
    • Students with insurmountable obstacles can receive a referral to a school-based therapy opportunity based on availability. [current]

    Trauma-Informed Student Programming

    Students K-8:

    • Students in grades K-8 will receive social-emotional learning competencies within their school environment and through explicit instruction.  The development and implementation practices associated with SEL are currently being designed in GISD. [under development]


    Students K-12:

    • Campuses will participate in school-wide initiatives Starts with Hello Week (Sandy Hook Promise) [under development]
    • Campuses will host clubs that support inclusion (Friends of Rachel and Hope Squad) [under development]