Employee Covid-19 Resources Information

  • Your Human Resource team is here to provide as much information as possible to help you through this challenging time.  We understand there are many questions surrounding Coronavirus so we have created the following reference links to provide you with important information.  

COVID-19 Diagnosis, Exposure and Reporting Information

  • Please see the COVID Exposure Process Map for guidance if you are exhibiting symptoms for COVID-19, were exposed to COVID-19, or were diagnosed as having COVID-19.  This form was developed using the guidance of local, state and federal officials.  Also, GISD has created a COVID Employee Health Reporting Form to notify Human Resources if an employee has symptoms, was exposed or was diagnosed as having COVID-19.  

    If you have questions, please contact the Human Resource Department at:  HR@georgetownisd.org 

Important Documents

Staff FAQ

  • Are staff scheduled to return to on-site work?

  • How can I be sure that my safety is being considered as I return to work?

  • If I have health concerns about returning to work, can I request accommodations?

  • Are students and staff required to wear masks?

  • What if I’ve been exposed to, or test positive for, COVID-19? Will I be required to use my sick leave if I am required to take time off due to exposure?

  • What if I am teaching school in-person and I get sick, or someone in my class gets sick?

  • If I can’t work for any reason, do I need to apply for leave to be absent from work?

  • What if I need to discuss or change my health insurance, or other benefits?

  • What if my child’s home district is offering remote learning only and I need to be at home to supervise?

  • How will Georgetown ISD utilize substitute teachers?

  • Do we anticipate a shortage of substitute teachers?

  • What should I consider if I have travel plans?

  • What if I’m struggling with stress, anxiety, or other mental health concerns?

  • How can I get information about what’s happening in the District?

  • When will Eagle Wings be open?

  • Does the district anticipate any layoffs due to decreased enrollment/funding?