During this time of Quarantine, the GISD Orchestra teachers are looking ahead to the precautions we will be taking in order to prepare for the return to school. One of our main concerns in Orchestra is the shared instruments and insrument rentals we have for students. At this time there are over 40 instruments that are used by students for rental instruments from GISD. These instruments WILL NOT BE SHARED between multiple students. It is our utmost priority to make sure these instruments and the students stay safe, taking all necessary precautions in order to do so.


    Published on April 23, 2020, this article addresses the instrument sterilizing and disinfecting we will be implementing for our GISD-owned instruments. Before attempting to do any measures on your own (not recommended), please read this article so that no permanent damage is done to the instrument that may impact the the sound, life, or usability of the instrument. The article linked below is written by the National Federation of State High School Associations, the National Federation for Music Education, and the National Association of Music Merchants.





    As for the Orchestra room and the surfaces in our facility where students will be sitting, playing instruments, using their lockers, and the general traffic pattern in and out of the classroom, we will be following these facility recommendations from the CDC.