CBE Pathway Math


    If your student is currently in 5th-grade math and was recommended for 6th-grade Pathway 2 math (P2 CBE) next school year, they will need to register and pass a Credit by Examination (CBE) to be enrolled in Pathway 2. 6th-grade math TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) are required prior to 6th-grade Pathway 2 enrollment. Please reference the Examination for Acceleration/Examination for Credit page in the Assessment & Feedback Department for more information about scoring requirements and other information. Due to Covid-19, administering that assessment on campus in a traditional setting is on hold until we are able to open buildings. That opportunity will be made available to your students as soon as we are able. In the interim, there are remote opportunities through the University of Texas High School for your students to test if you so choose. Please use the following FAQs regarding this remote process to determine if this an appropriate option for you and your student. Complete this Online CBE Registration Form to begin the registration process for the CBE. 

    What is Proctorio?

    Proctorio is an online proctoring system, so students can take their CBEs at home without a proctor physically present in the room. The online proctoring system integrates an identification process, lockdown browser, and video recording as students complete their exams on their own computer at home, or anywhere


    What are the technical requirements?

    • Proctorio is a Google Chrome plug-in, so Google Chrome is required.
    • Webcam
    • Microphone

    What devices are allowed?

    • Chromebooks with the Proctorio plug-in
    • Desktops and laptops with a Chrome Browser and the Proctorio plug-in
    • Phones, iPads, and mobile devices are not allowed


    Will I be required to show a photo id to take the exam?

    Yes. A student may use their school ID, driver’s license, or valid passport with a photo. During the COVID - 19 closures, if a student does not have access to a personal photo ID, a parent/guardian may present their photo ID and verify the student’s identity.


    Will Proctorio exams require a specific testing environment?

    Set up a quiet and distraction-free area. The student should prepare to be seated there for the duration of the exam.


    How will I access the exam?

    • UTHS recommends students to log in at least a week prior to the testing date. Students must complete all set-up tasks and modules prior to taking their exams.
    • Students will receive an email with access information, including their UT EID, which will be their username for the exam login to Canvas, which is the website that houses the Proctorio exam. The student will follow instructions to reset their password if they’re not a current UTHS student.
    • Once the student is logged into the testing system, s/he must complete several online modules: Installing Proctorio, Using Proctorio, Preparing Your Testing Space, Acknowledgement of Testing Environment Rules, and Allowed Materials.


    Will I be able to prepare prior to taking the exam?

    Students may view this Student Demo Video, which provides important information about using Proctorio, including the in-quiz tools, live chat, exam timer, and exam submission.

    Students can access the course study guides on the UTHS website.


    Are the exams timed?

    Yes, the exams will last up to 3 hours (180 minutes). Students will have an extra 20 minutes (total of 200 minutes) in case they have any issues, such as needing to restart their computer.