Magen Smith - 8th Grade Science

  • We want to welcome Mrs. Magen Smith who will be serving Wagner Middle School students as an 8th grade science teacher this year. This will be Mrs. Smith's first year of teaching but has spent the past 8 years working at Southwestern University as an Assistant Director of Residence Life. In her role she got to build relationships and work with some really amazing students.

    Mrs. Smith went to Southwestern University where she received a Bachelor of Arts in music. Having served Wagner students in a similar capacity last year, Mrs. Smith is excited to be at Wagner because the school is a really special place where all of the different pieces of learning can come together across all subjects. She specifically said "I'm so excited to be a part of this teaching community and I can't wait to learn and make connections together with these wonderful students, teachers, and administrators!"

    Outside of teaching, Mrs. Smith says she loves to spend time outdoors hiking, gardening, fishing, and camping! She also like to sketch, cook/bake, crochet, and read. She and her husband have two amazing kiddos (Mason-7 & Piper-3) and their favorite things include blaring dance parties, lego building competitions, cookie baking, and late night movie marathons. They also have 2 cats (Bauer & Penny) who love to snuggle, listen to music, and appreciate being involved in all our important familial conversations.

    Phone: 512.943.5000