Cat McCarrey - 6th Grade Language Arts

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    Everyone meet Mrs. McCarrey! She will be serving Wagner Middle School 6th grade students this school year. She has served public school students in a variety of roles for 8 years including as an English Teacher (grades 5-9), Humanities Teacher (7-9), GLAD Leader, Journalism Instructor, Musical Lead, Occasional Choreographer and Vocal Coach, Piano Teacher, and as a General Writing Judge. 

    Mrs. McCarrey earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Teaching from Brigham Young University, and a Master of Science in Journalism from Boston University. She is most excited to use flexible spaces for student learning and to be joining the Wagner team.

    Outside of teaching and learning professionally, Mrs. McCarrey loves to eat, read, and watch movies obsessively. She enjoys checking out local art and theatre, taking meandering walks in nature, and to cook, and eat some more. Her husband, Taylor, is a therapist and a musician and she has a sassafrass/adorable daughter, Alex.

    Phone: 512.943.5000