• As parents/guardians, we are often faced with unknowns as we strive to support our children.  Mental health is no exception. During times of uncertainty, we are filled with questions:  What are typical behaviors?  When should I be concerned?  How can I help?  What if my child won't talk to me?  Who can I call?  When you find yourself searching for answers, just remember:  you are not alone and help is out there. 

    It truly takes a village to raise children and our school district as well as the Georgetown Community is full of resources.  This Parent U addition features a dialogue between our GISD Social-Emotional Learning specialist (Heather Moeller) and Bolivar Aguirre (LCSW) from Buena Vista Counseling.  The two cover topics to help our parents as they work to better understand and support their children in their mental health needs.