2021-22 Art Supply List for Art 1, 2 and 3

  • Cathleen Ramos - Art Teacher (A-Hall)


    Period 1 - Art 1

    Period 2 - Art 2

    Period 3A - Art 2

    Period 5 - Art 1

    Period 6 - Art 2

    Period 7 - Art 1


    Cynthia Urban - Fine Arts Dept. Chair and Art Teacher (C-Hall)


    Period 2 - Art 1

    Period 3A - Art 1

    Period 4B - Art 1

    Period 5 - Art 3

    Period 6 - Art 1

    Period 7 - Art 1


    Unless it is an art class donation, all supplies brought to school by your child are intended for their sole use.

    Please label everything and replenish as needed.

    *Keep in mind, this list of necessary art supplies is IN ADDITION to your child's core class requirements. 

    2021 - 22 Supply List for Art 1, Art 2 and Art 3

    Minimum required Supplies:

    School-issued Chromebook


    Composition or Spiral Notebook

    Pack of Colored Pencils

    Watercolors with Paintbrush

    Glue Stick

    #2 Pencils

    Cap Erasers

    Hand Sharpener

    Liquid White Glue

    Black Sharpie


    Pack of Markers

    Clear Packing Tape and/or Scotch Tape

    Large baggie or tackle box to contain all supplies

    Non-Required Supplies that Enhance The Creative Experience:

    Paper (All kinds...construction, printer paper, upcycled junk mail, empty cereal boxes, etc.)


    Plastic art supply box or tackle box (I recommend Dollar Tree's toolbox, it's black and yellow and they're lockable too-if you want to bring a lock)

    Colorful duct or washi tape

    Small bottle of modpodge (gloss or matte)

    Colored Sharpies (any tip)

    Low-temp glue gun and glue sticks

    Watercolor Pencils

    Paintbrushes in assorted sizes, especially a fan brush

    Acrylic or tempera paints in assorted colors

    Sidewalk Chalk


    Construction or scrapbooking paper

    Pre-stretched Canvas

    Any non-toxic art supply that your student likes to use

    Classroom Donations Wish-List:

    Please feel free to donate any items listed above for a student in need. Thank you in advance!!!

    Clear storage bins with lids (any size), cricut vinyl, clear contact paper, disposable gloves, scrapbook paper, newspapers, old magazines, clorox wipes, baby wipes, plastic or paper cups, paper plates, wax or freezer paper, foil, crock-pot liners, ziploc bags (any size), press & seal wrap, tissues, hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, ribbon, yarn, fabric, hot glue gun w/hot glue sticks. Random, left-over crafting/art supplies, old crock-pots, blenders and hair dryers are also welcome!

    In the past, student supplies have been stored in cabinets in the art classroom. Due to COVID-19 concerns, if your child does not feel comfortable with leaving supplies in the art room, he/she can take them out of the room but MUST HAVE THE REQUIRED ART SUPPLIES ON HAND EVERY TIME while in art class.  


     Thank you!