Welcome to Art!


    Cynthia Urban - Art Teacher (C-Hall)

    Art 1 - Grade 6

    Art 3 - Grade 8


    Marcia Dirks - Art Teacher (A-Hall)

    Art 1 - Grades 7 and 8

    Art 2 - Grades 7 and 8



    Supply List for Art 1, Art 2 and Art 3


    School-issued Chromebook (with charger)


    Composition or Spiral Notebook

    Pack of Colored Pencils

    Watercolors with Paintbrush

    Glue Sticks

    #2 Pencils

    Cap Erasers

    Hand Sharpener

    Liquid White Glue

    Black Sharpie


    Pack of Markers

    Large baggie or tackle box to contain all supplies

    Unless it is an art class donation, all supplies brought to school by your child are intended for their sole use.

    Please label everything and replenish as needed. Art supplies will be kept in the art room.

    *Keep in mind, this list of necessary art supplies is IN ADDITION to your child's core class requirements. 

     Thank you!