Vision & Hearing Screenings for Remote Learners

    If you would like your remote student to have a vision & hearing screening, please contact me to schedule an appointment.

     Reporting COVID- 19, Strep Throat, & Flu
    If your child tests positive for COVID- 19, Strep Throat, or Flu during the school year, please call the school nurse to report. We track cases for the Williamson County Health District.

     7th Grade Vaccine Requirements

    All 7th graders are required by state law to receive the following vaccines-

    • Tdap
    • Meningitis

    Students will be excluded from in- person learning if proof of vaccines have not been provided to the nurse. Please send all updated shot records to Nurse Edmondson ASAP. Thanks.



    Contact Information
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    Fax: 512-943-5049
    Email: edmondsons@georgetownisd.org