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20-21 Gifted/Talented Identification Updates

  • The GISD referral window for gifted and talented (G/T) is fast approaching. We have made a few changes this year to the referral timeline and processes. As you consider whether to refer your child for testing, please review the information on this site and watch the video to learn more about our District's G/T services, our referral and assessment process, as well as characteristics of gifted learners.

    2020-21 GISD Identification Timeline

    • All K students will be internally screened for referral to G/T testing in November; permission to test forms will go home December
    • K assessment (quantitative and qualitative data collected) window opens January 5; a parent survey will be sent home to complete and return to the campus
    • Grades 1-12 G/T assessment referral window, January 5-29
    • Grades 1-12 G/T assessment (quantitative and qualitative data collected) window opens February 2; a parent survey will be sent home to complete and return to the campus
    • G/T services for any Kindergarten student identified as showing need will begin March 1
    • Grades 1-12 notifications will be sent by the beginning of May with any student showing need to begin services in August of next school year
    • Plans are still being determined to accommodate remote learners and will be shared with parents/guardians prior to testing; due to the unpredictability of this school year, this timeline is subject to change

    Additional information about program services can be found on our GISD Gifted/Talented web page; the electronic referral form will be posted on this site only during the referral window.

    In considering whether to refer your child for gifted identification, please review the following. Please consider your child in comparison to children of the same age, grade, and experience.

Gifted/Talented Considerations:

  • Common Characteristics of Gifted Individuals

  • Traits of Giftedness

  • Public School Review: 10 Characteristics of the Gifted Child

Gifted/Talented Information Session Recording

  • Please find the pre-recorded G/T Parent Information Session in the link below. For elementary-specific questions, contact your campus G/T pull-out teacher. For secondary-specific questions, please contact your campus counselor. Please note the video recording below is in English. 



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