• FAQ
    When can we visit the library?

    The library is open during normal school hours - 7:30am-3:15pm. Students will have a library lesson with the librarian either in the library or in their classroom on a weekly (Kindergarten-2nd grade) or bi-weekly (3rd - 5th grade) schedule. The schedule will be set for each homeroom class once we resume in-person learning. With teacher permission, students can also visit the library during recess or before school.

    Where do we return books?

    During remote learning, books can be dropped off at the front office. Once in-person learning resumes, books can be returned to the opening in the circulation desk in the library. For safety, all returned books will be quarantined for 3 full days before returning to circulation.]

    How many books can we check out? For how long?

    Students are able to have two books checked out at a time and the checkout period is two weeks. However, if you need more time to finish a book, visit the library and Mrs. Guerra can renew the book for two more weeks.

    I've lost or damaged my book! Now what?

    I understand that accidents happen! If a book is lost or damaged, please contact the librarian to find out the cost for the book or purchase a new copy of the same book to donate to the library. Charges for lost or damaged books can be paid with check or cash. 

    What is the fine for late books?

    There are no fines for late books as long as the book is returned undamaged. Unfortunately, you will not be able to check out a new book until we receive the old one. Try to remember to keep books in backpacks!

    How will I know if I have late books?

    For books more than one week overdue, notices are automatically generated and sent out on Fridays to the email listed in Skyward. It will include the titles, the due dates, and the cost for replacement if lost.

    I can't remember if I have books checked out! How can I check?

    When you log into the Follett Destiny app in Classlink, you can see your account information and what books are checked out. You are also welcome to contact Mrs. Guerra in the library or by email to check!