• The GEORGETOWN ISD HEALTH & WELLNESS CENTER is coming January 4th! This has been in the works for a year now. As your campus nurse, I am so excited to have this opportunity and resources to offer our students and staff. Georgetown ISD has partnered with Lone Star Circle of Care to open the center, which will operate in the building that houses Richarte High School and the Georgetown High School Annex at 2295 N. Austin Ave.


    Please see information below with links to the district information page. There is a mandatory consent form for staff, students, and families who wish to participate. These consent forms must be turned into the nurse's office in order to recieve services.


    The center will be staffed by a board-certified nurse practitioner, a behavioral health provider, and staff. Services offered are as follows:

    • Preventive health visits (well checks, immunizations, etc.)
    • Vaccinations- regular, school requirements, and flu vaccines can be administered.
    • Sick visits
    • Athletic physicals
    • Diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury
    • Follow-up and potential referral for serious illness or injury
    • Chronic illness management (diabetes, asthma, etc.)
    • Lab services and diagnostic testing, including rapid strep tests and flu tests
    • Medical screenings (blood pressure, hearing, vision, scoliosis, etc.)
    • Nutritional health education and counseling Behavioral health counseling and referrals

    The clinic accepts most insurance plans including Medicaid, Medicare and CHIP. If you do not have insurance, a sliding fee scale is available according to household size and income.


    • Who can use the wellness center?
      • Any GISD student Any parent, guardian, or family member of a GISD student Any GISD staff member Any family member of GISD staff
    • How do I make an appointment?
      • Call: 877-800-5722 Once you are an established patient, you will have access to the patient portal to schedule appointments online: https://lonestarcares.org
    • What do I need to do to be seen at the clinic?
      • Families can complete the GISD-LSCC Campus Clinic Consent for Treatment Form. Complete the form in advance and providing it to the campus nurse will allow the clinic to see your child immediately if they become ill at school. Students and other patients who are new to Lone Star Circle of Care will need to complete additional forms at: https://lonestarcares.org/patients/medical-records-forms/patient-forms/ .
    • Will GISD have access to my medical information?
      • No! Your private information is protected by the law. The only way GISD will have access to your records is if you sign a separate consent form specifically allowing for such access. This form is utilized by school nurses in regards to students so as to manage their care on campus. By having this open line of communication between school nurses, students, and the clinic a continuous level of care can be provided.
    • Do I need to make Lone Star my new Primary Care Doctor or Pediatrician?
      • Not necessarily. It can in some cases but doesn't need to be. You can still see your primary care or other doctors as needed.
    • Do I have to go into the office for an appointment?
      • Not necessarily! Lonestar does offer telemedicine services for families and staff.
    • Does the Wellness Center offer COVID testing?
      • Yes! The Wellness Center will be offering PCR COVID exams in office for our students, staff, and student families.