High School Summer Programs FAQ

  • If there are 4 sessions total (AM and PM in both June and July), how many sessions can my student sign up for?

  • What is the cost of summer semester sessions?

  • How is instruction delivered to students attending summer semester in GISD?

  • If my student has failed an entire year of a class, but their credit recovery grade is high enough to average to a 70 with the other failing semester grade, can they earn credit for the entire year?

  • Is transportation provided for my student if they leave or arrive in the middle of the day?

  • Are all classes available to take for credit recovery in summer semester? If not, how do I know which ones are available?

  • If my student has to miss days of the summer semester, how do they make up the time or assignments?

  • Since Edgenuity is a web-based program, can my student work on their assignments outside of the in-person class time?

  • What happens if my student finishes their course before the end of the summer session?