Student Experience Survey

  • The Student Experience Survey (SES) is provided for students annually in the spring semester.  The survey provides students with the opportunity to respond to a series of questions in the SEL domains (i.e. intrapersonal, interpersonal, and cognitive) as well as environmental and engagement with learning. The information from the survey is used by campuses to create school-wide, small group, and individual plans for the upcoming school year.  Of course, we understand that the survey only represents one moment in the student's school year.  With this in mind, we cross-reference data points with the overall understanding of the child as a whole.  One survey can never capture a child's entire experience. 

    Prior to administering the survey, parents will receive communication and have the opportunity to opt their student(s) out of the survey. 

    Click HERE to watch a video about the SES. 

    SES: 3 - 5

    SES: 6 - 11

Student Survey Opt Out

  • Opt Out English and Spanish