Emily Mertink
  • Hi there! My name is Emily Mertink! I am very excited to be joining the community at East View High School. I teach World Geography and World Geography Inclusion classes. I graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in the spring of 2021. In case you didn't notice, 2021 is THIS YEAR! I am a first year teacher and look forward to working and learning alongside my students this year.


    I grew up in Austin, TX but my family now lives in Colorado Springs, CO. I love hiking and taking pictures in the beautiful nature in Colorado.


    When I'm not teaching, I also enjoy board games, going to the movie theater, seeing concerts, and swimming at Barton Springs pool. 


    You can reach me at:


    (512) 943-1800 ext. 8049



        “A Day” Schedule:                                              “B Day” Schedule:

    1A/B - World Geography (8:45-9:30)                 1A/B - World Geography (8:45-9:30)

    2A -World Geography (IN) (9:35-10:57)             2B -  World Geography (IN) (9:35-10:57) 

    Pride Time: 10:57-11:37                                  Pride Time: 10:57-11:37

    3A - Conference (11:37-1:43)                            3B - Conference (11:37-1:43)

    4A -  World Geography (1:43-3:05)                    4B - World Geography (1:43-3:05)

    5A/B - World Geography (3:10-3:55)                 5A/B - World Geography (3:10-3:55)