Academic Planning

  • Georgetown ISD has academic course offerings to prepare you for higher education experience and post-secondary success.  Once you begin your college experience or career, you need to feel confident that your high school preparation was more than adequate: this is academic readiness, a crucial component for college and career success.

  • To find out about course selection information including obtaining college credit in high school and creating personal graduation plans, follow the School Academics link.

    School Academics

    The GISD Course Guide is the parent and guiding document for all supplemental information and resources. The guide is available in English and Spanish.

    GISD Course Guide

    Whether you are a current GISD student or an alumnus, chances are you'll need to access your official high school transcript after graduation.  

    Transript Requests

    The purpose of the OCPE Program is to accommodate students who are making a serious effort to develop higher-level skills in a specific activity that exceeds what the school district can offer through the general physical education program. The OCPE Program allows students in 6th through 12th grades to earn credits that meet the district and state physical education requi

    Off Campus PE


Secondary Schedule Change Guidelines

  • The course selection process starts in January and continues through the spring semester each school year.  During this process, students and families have the opportunity to learn about the required coursework and available electives in Georgetown ISD.  Students will choose their courses for the following school year before spring break.  Students will have the opportunity to make changes to these requests at course verification time in April-May.  In order to prepare for the following school year, and to ensure the accuracy of the requests, we only allow requests to be made on the course selection worksheet and/or the course verification worksheet, and we require a parent signature.  After these processes are complete, students may request a schedule change.  Schedule change requests must be made in writing, with a parent signature, within five (5) days of the start of class.  Requests may not be approved.

    Requests for schedule changes will be approved for the following reasons:

    1.  Error in schedule (This will be confirmed by a counselor and the course verification form.  If the course verification form was not returned, this request will be denied.)
    2.  Student failure in prerequisite course
    3.  Change in program (athletics, band, choir, orchestra, etc.)
    A Petition  for  Advanced  Course  Exit  may  be  requested/ submitted  twice  during  the  school  year:    
    1. Within  the 3rd   and 6th weeks  of  the  first  nine-week  grading  period  (to  begin in  an  on-level  course  within  the  first  nine-weeks); 
    2. Within the  first  ten  (10)  school  days  of  December  (to  begin in  an  on-level  course  for  the  spring  semester).
    To read more about the District Advanced Course Guidelines, visit the GISD Course Guide.