Social Emotional Learning

  • Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process of bringing the GISD Learner Profile to life within a safe and caring learning environment. In Georgetown ISD, we categorize SEL into three domains:  (a) cognitive skills, (b) intrapersonal skills, and (c) interpersonal skills.  When we look at our GISD Learner Profile Traits we can see how each Learner Profile Trait fits into one of these SEL domains.
    Cogntive Skills:
    • Applies Critical Thinking
    • Creates and Innovates
    • Inquiry and Exploration
    Intrapersonal Skills:
    • Self-Knowledge
    • Personal Responsibility
    • Adapts and Perserveres
    Interpersonal Skills:
    • Respectful Relationships
    • Collaborates and Communicates

Learner Profile & SEL Alignment

  • Creates & Innovates

  • Obtains Knowledge Through Inquiry & Exploration

  • Respectful Relationships

  • Communicates, Collaborates, & Applies Critical Thinking

  • Adapts and Perseveres

  • Self-Knowledge & Personal Responsibility

The work of SEL