Mrs. Karla Guillen

  • Hello! My name is Mrs. Guillen. This will be my first year teaching at GHS. I was born and raised in Northern California and graduated from University of Rochester in New York. I'm super excited to be teaching you this school year and GHS already feels like home (EFND!). Beyond my passion for education, I love spending time with my family, reading, cooking, and baking. I'm always looking for new recipes. 


    A DAY

    1st Algebra 2

    2A Algebra 1

    3A Strategic Math

    4A Strategic Math

    5th Conference


    B DAY

    1st Algebra 2

    2B Conference

    3B Algebra 1

    4B Algebra 2

    5th Conference


    (512) 943-5100 x 7087

    Room 171