• In an effort to support families and staff during the ongoing pandemic, the district launched a COVID Rapid testing center on Friday, Nov. 5.

    • Testing will occur on regular school business days at Pickett Elementary School between 7 am and 1 pm and be administered by licensed medical professionals who are contracted with GISD. 
    • This rapid antigen test service is being provided for free to all students and staff in GISD who are not experiencing COVID-like symptoms but who may have been in contact with or exposed to a COVID-positive individual. 
      • If a student or staff member is experiencing COVID-like symptoms, they should contact a health provider for a PCR test.  PCR and rapid PCR tests are currently being offered for free through Williamson County. You can find locations here
    • Pre-registration is required before testing can occur. Pre-registration does not indicate that you are requesting a test appointment, but it will help expedite service if/when you need it. You can also scan a QR Code on-site to get registered. 
    • Testing results are usually ready after about 15 minutes. Positive results will be communicated by email or phone. 
      • The testing coordinators will contact staff members. Staff are encouraged to connect with their supervisor about any pending absences.  Staff should also complete the Employee Health Reporting Form if they receive a positive diagnosis.
      • Testing coordinators will communicate directly to parents and school nurses, who will advise on a safe return to school date.

     Anyone who tests positive will be advised to follow the district’s process maps for students and staff.    

    More about this program

    Georgetown ISD applied for and received State funding to provide this testing service to staff and students and is partnering with a state-approved vendor, Concentric, to provide the staffing and testing materials to execute the program.

    The program is subject to change at any time, and the district will notify families and staff regarding future changes as they occur.