GISD Web Publishing Guidelines

  • What is web & digital governance?

    Web governance, sometimes referred to as digital governance, is defined as the process of maintaining and managing an online presence in an organized way. The idea is to uphold your website to certain standards, whether that’s your own organization’s standards or following regulations or compliance standards, such as web accessibility standards. It all relates to providing the best user experience possible for your website visitors by ensuring quality, consistency, accessibility, searchability, and more.

    Georgetown ISD models a federated approach 

    Federation is a form of governance in which groups in an organization recognize a central group’s right to set high-level guidelines but retain the freedom to make their own decisions within the bounds of those guidelines.

    Nature of Web Governance

    Web governance refers to people, policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines that govern the creation and maintenance of our official website. The governance structure exists to provide clarity regarding roles and responsibilities related to the maintenance and development of

    Note: This is a working document and is subject to change to meet the evolving web needs of the District.

    PDF document download: 2022 GISD Web Governance v1


Web Guiding Principles

  • Our Guiding Principles

  • Single, integrated site instead of a series of microsites

  • Strong focus on usability and user centered design

  • Strong focus on analytics and measurement

  • Strong focus on collaboration with teachers and staff

  • Strong focus on community ownership and responsibility for Strong focus on community ownership and responsibility for the web

  • Content Relevancy, Currency, and Management

  • Strong focus on accessibility

  • Strong commitment to iterative design approach

Web Content Guidelines

  • Guidelines/Compliance/Ownership

  • Roles/Permissions

  • Quality Control/Workflow

  • Training/Education

  • Written Content/Messaging/Branding

  • Visual Content

  • PDFs

  • Social Media and New Technologies

  • Measurement

  • Content Management System (CMS)

  • Archiving Content

  • Noncompliance

  • Change Management

Last Modified on January 24, 2022