Annie Miller
  • Mrs. Annie Miller

    • Classes: 3rd grade self contained
    • Email:
    • Phone: 512-943-5160 x8945
    • Conference Times (By Appointment)
    • Course Information: Students can find all required assignments for my classes as well as instructional reference materials in our online Google Classrooms. Parents, if you would like information about what we are studying in class, please ask your student to log in to Google Classroom and show you.

    Hi, I'm Annie Miller and I teach 3rd grade at Williams Elementary School. This is my second year teaching at WES. I have worked in education in Texas since November 2007. Prior to that, I was a daycare director and lead preschool teacher for almost 5 years. I have one daughter who is teaching 4th grade at Williams, a 7-year-old loveable mutt, and my husband (who can now officially say he is a fisherman for a living).

    When I'm not teaching or reading my favorite genres, historical and science fiction, I enjoy fishing with my husband and volunteering at my church.