• Is AVID a class or a club? It is a regular, elective class during the school day.


    Does AVID take the place of my other electives? Yes, AVID will be one of your elective classes. But, the counselors work with you to ensure that you are still getting all of the classes that you need.


    Can I participate in athletics/Fine Arts/HOSA while I’m in AVID? Yes! In fact, extra-curricular activities are encouraged. There are no activities that you will be excluded from because of AVID.


    Can I do AP or Dual Credit while I’m in AVID? Yes! AVID students are required to take at least one advanced course per year and these are options for earning advanced credit.


    Do I have to take AVID all four years? We recommend that you take AVID all four years as the focus changes each year. But, if you decide AVID is not for you, you can choose a different class the following year.


    What do we do in AVID? We will have tutorials, college visits, guest speakers, and team building in addition to content, which has a different focus each year:

    • Freshman: Critical thinking and study skills
    • Sophomore: Writing and career research
    • Junior: SAT prep and college research
    • Senior: College applications and financial aid/scholarships

    Do I have to join AVID my freshman year? No, you can join AVID in your sophomore year or junior year (if space is available).

    What are the requirements of students in AVID? 

    • Keep a binder and planner/agenda (these might be physical or digital versions depending on class formats)

    • Take and interact with notes nightly

    • Take at least one advanced course each year
    • Maintain passing grades in all courses