Melissa Macaluso                             owl

    Teacher-Gifted and Talented
    Mitchell Elementary
    Phone: 943-1820 x 8338.
    Email: macalusom@georgetownisd.org



    My Education & Teaching Background


    Undergraduate degree from Rice University (Economics, Policy Studies and Managerial Studies)

    Certification and Master's Degree in Gifted and Talented Education from Southwest Texas State University (yes, I still use the old name)

    Certified Diagnostician


    7 years teaching experience at Hutto ISD  


    19 years teaching in Georgetown  ISD

    The Big Idea
    • This year our class will engage many fascinating aspects of math and everything else!  My desire is for each student to really "mess around" with math so that they better see how and why things work. 
    • We will explore the interconnections among types of ideas.  My goal is that students will see that nothing happens in our life in isolation.  The students will actively explore situations and discover relationships and connections for themselves (with a bit of guidance!).. 
    • Challenges are often frustrating.  By learning how to handle frustration and confusion now in a safe setting, they will know how to handle challenging situations later in their lives.