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    In 3rd Grade, students will build on their reading knowledge. From Kindergarten to 2nd grade, students have been learning to decipher words, read smoothly for enjoyment and education and make sense of what he or she reads. Those three components of reading: accuracy, fluency and comprehension are things that we will continue to work on in 3rd grade.

     In addition to becoming stronger readers, reading higher level texts, 3rd grade readers will build on their critical thinking skills to become more thoughtful readers. 3rd graders need to be able to draw conclusions, make inferences, look at cause and effect, identify story elements, make predictions, find a main idea, and summarize. They also need to understand words, looking at context clues to find meaning for new vocabulary, find synonyms and antonyms, know the contextual meaning of a multi-meaning word, and apply knowledge of prefixes and suffixes.
    Writing in 3rd grade also builds on what students have learned at the primary level. 3rd grade writers use the writing process (pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing) to develop written work. 3rd graders write on a variety of topics, both assigned and self selected. 3rd graders also compose original poems and stories.
    In Georgetown, we use the Reading Street curriculum for language arts. To find out more about Reading Street, click here. Additional student resources for Reading Street can be found on the Learning Links page.
    In 3rd Grade, students take the STAAR test in Math and Reading. For more information about the STAR test, click here
Last Modified on August 11, 2018