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    From the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for 3rd Grade Math:

    "Within a well-balanced mathematics curriculum, the primary focal points at Grade 3 are multiplying and dividing whole numbers, connecting fraction symbols to fractional quantities, and standardizing language and procedures in geometry and measurement."
    In the past, math was about memorizing facts and rote procedures for solving word problems.  Today, we look at math as a process of using different skills and strategies to produce solutions to a variety of problems in a variety of ways.  There may only be "one right answer" but there are as many different ways of arriving at that answer as there are students in a classroom!  Throughout the year, we will work on problem solving, incorporating different skills in different ways to find answers and to make math as real world and meaningful as possible.
    Some of the specific skills we work on in 3rd grade include:
    • understand place value to 999,999
    • count a collection of coins and bills
    • identify fractions with denominators of 12 or less
    • addition and subtraction using numbers 999 or less
    • multiplication facts (and the corresponding division facts) up to 12 times 12
    • multiply a two digit number by a one digit number
    • rounding to the nearest 10 and nearest 100
    • identify and extend number patterns
    • read and complete tables with paired numbers
    • know and classify two dimensional and three dimensional shapes 
    • identify congruent figures
    • identify and create lines of symmetry
    • locate points on a number line, including halves and fourths
    • measure length, weight, volume, capacity, and temperature
    • find perimeter using standard units
    • find area using square units
    • tell time on an analog (not digital) clock
    • use pictographs and bar graphs
    • describe the likelihood of events (more, less, equally likely)
    In 3rd Grade, students take the STAAR test in Math and Reading.  For more information about the STAR test, click here.
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