• globe Social Studies

    Social Studies in 3rd grade includes studying History, Citizenship, Culture, Geography, Economics, Government and general Social Studies Skills. 

    Our study of History, Citizenship and Culture will focus on communities and significant people.  We will learn about the history of communities including how communities are formed and what factors influence them.  We will also study famous people who have shaped communities and shown good citizenship including Pierre-Charles L'Enfant, Benjamin Banneker, Benjamin Franklin, Daniel Boone, Christopher Columbus, the Founding Fathers, and Juan de Oñate.  We will learn about the culture of our community and how other cultures are similar and different from ours.  We will study famous people and heroes who have influenced community culture including Hector P. Garcia and James A. Lovell.  To finish out our study of famous people, we will look at scientists who have contributed to their communities, including Jonas Salk, Maria Mitchell, and others.
    Our study of Geography will look at physical and human effects on the land.  We will also learn map skills, reading and creating maps that include a title, compass rose, legend, scale, and grid system.
    Our study of Economics will look at how people earn and spend money.  3rd grade is also the year that students start to learn about the free enterprise system.
    Our study of Government will look at local, state and national government.  We will also look at the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.
    Throughout the year, we will build general Social Studies skills of research, interpreting information, and using different sources of information to learn about specific topics.
Last Modified on August 4, 2012