• Prelude Orchestra - Violin/Viola Class & Cello/Bass Class Course Information


    Beginning Orchestra is designed to teach students the foundation skills for playing violin, viola, cello, or bass.  We have instruments grouped together with like-playing sections, this allows for more individualized instruction and slightly smaller class sizes. Students will learn performance techniques that are unique to that instrument, and ultimately allow for greater progress in a shorter amount of time.

    Students will learn how to hold and use the bow as well as the instrument.  They will also learn to read music and rhythm.  Students will participate in 4-5 concerts throughout the year, each is required for their performance grade in the class. 

    Practice makes permanent! If you don't practice daily and weekly, then the skills and techniques you are learning in class will never develop and grow. Make an ultimate goal (15 a day) and build from there. What's the worse that could happen???? You'd improve, and have MORE fun playing MORE music with MORE advanced techniques!  That's an exciting orchestra future!!!
    Private teachers that have gone through a district background check can teach lessons at Benold during the week.  Private lessons are allowed to take place during orchestra classes and lunch periods as long as the teacher is approved by GISD. Contracts and payments for individual lessons are determined by the family and the teacher, they do not go through the school district. Many private teachers are also available during the evenings, please contact Miss Dane if you are interested in lessons in the evening or on weekends. They are not requried, but they do accelerate a player's learning which often leads to greater fullfillment and success. 
    Each week there will be a short piece assigned that concentrates on that week's objectives. Rather than monitoring your practice hours on Fridays this piece will be performed by the student and graded.
  • Required Fees
    Prelude Orchestra Activity Fee: $25.00, Cash/Check made out to Benold MS
    Instrument Rental Fees
    GISD School Instrument Rental (limited availability): $100/year, Cash/Check made out to Benold MS
    Private companies are available to rent an instrument, payments on a monthly basis. See attached form for recommended businesses.
    There will be optional trips during the year that may require a fee. Flyers and emails will go out as soon as information is available.   
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