• Monica DeLeon Ms. DeLeon

    6th Grade Social Studies

    Forbes Middle School

    Phone:  943-5000 x7750

    Email:  deleonm@georgetownisd.org 

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    My Education & Teaching Background 
    Welcome to my home page!  My name is Monica DeLeon and I am a 6th grade Social Studies teacher at Forbes Middle School.  It is my pleasure to be working with your child and broadening their knowledge of our wonderful world.  

    Education & Teaching Background:

    • Education - B.A. in Social Studies Composite/Secondary Education at Concordia University.

    • 23 years experience at G.I.S.D.

    • Instructional Aide at Round Rock High School 
    This year in social studies will be learning about:

    First Nine Weeks - Geography & Culture, Citizenship, United States and Canada

    Second Nine Weeks - Southwest Asia, North Africa, Europe, Russia and Eurasian Republics

    Third Nine Weeks - Africa South of the Sahara, Latin America, and South Asia

    Fourth Nine Weeks - East and Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand


    My Schedule

    1st Period - 8:45-9:35

    2nd Period - 9:37-10:27

    SOAR - 10:29-11:08
    Lunch - 11:10-11:40
    3rd Period - 11:42-12:32

    4th Period - 12:34-1:24

    5th Period - 1:26-2:16

    6th Period - 2:18-3:08

    7th Period - 3:10-4:00
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