Online Work Order System

  • The GISD Maintenance & Facilities department utilizes an online work order system.
    Please complete the fields listed below: 
    Field Description
    Location Name of campus where work is required - from drop-down menu
    Building Area of campus where work is required - Main Bldg, Annex, Gym, etc. 
    Area Specific Location of campus where requested work is located - Admin area, main office, blue hallway, etc.
    Type Type of work being requested - Carpentry, electrical, HVAC, etc. 
    Description Detailed description of work. Explain problem, justify new work, identify required coordination/scheduling, etc.
    Requester Name Person needing work done (last name, first name: Doe, John)
    Phone Work phone number of requester
    Requester Email Name of authorized person submitting work request (last name, first initial: doe). Do not enter email address.