• Grace Lisenby

    DNA Pre AP Biology and AP Biology

    Georgetown High School


    Phone: 943-5100 X 7018
    Email:  lisenbyd@georgetownisd.org



    My Education & Teaching Background

    B.S Biology,  Baylor University, 1991  (Sic 'em Bears!!)
    More about me than you'll probably bother to read: 
    I was born and raised in San Antonio.  This is my 24th year to teach science.  I started out teaching middle school science for 8 years and the remainder have been in high school teaching biology.  I've taught right here at GHS for 12 years.  When I'm not grading or cleaning beakers or helping a student focus a microscope you can probably find me reading a book, cooking something to impress my family (they're still not impressed, but I keep cooking), camping (love the outdoors; that's where biology happens), or watching a pathetic amount of TV (we all have bad habits, and that's one of mine!).  But mostly I'm just doing stuff with or for my family:  my husband Tony and 2 really cute kids (Andrew and Ava)


    Time A day    B Day

    8:40-10:07  (1st period/6th period)

    AP biology conference
    10:14-11:41 (2nd period/7th period) 
    AP biology    pre AP biology
    11:48 - 1:54  (3rd period/8th period)                   
    conference  pre AP biology
    2:01-2:36 (4th period/9th period) Eagle period    Eagle period
    2:43 -4:10 (5th period/10th period AP biology    Pre AP biology