•  Claire Lacombe

    Email: lacombec@georgetownisd.org

    Phone: 512-943-5100 X7048

     My Education & Teaching Background

      Education: Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Education
    • 17 Years experience at Georgetown ISD in: Accounting, Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Banking & Finance, and BIM
    • 4 Years experience at Killeen ISD in: Accounting, Record Keeping, Introduction to Business, Keyboarding, and BCIS

    Overview of Courses:

    Accounting I:  Grades 10-12; Basic financial accounting: This course centers around the Accounting cycle as the cycle relates to a sole proprietorship and a partnership.  Special accounting procedures are included for payroll.
    Accounting II:  Grades 11-12; Continuation of the basic financial accounting course focusing on a corporation.  Special accounting procedures are included for depreciation, inventory, uncollectible accounts, notes receivable, notes payable, and procedures for starting a corporation.
    Business Management: Grades 10-12;  Focus on the different areas within a business with an emphasis on building a business plan.  Special management areas include marketing, finance, human resources and technology.
    Entrepreneurship:  Grades 11-12; Explore the world of business ownership while connecting with real world scenarios.  Students work independently or in teams to develop and organize a business. Students utilize the Eagle Innovation Center to take their business into production through developing a product for the business.

    Conference Times:

    Period 2A: 9:42-11:12       Period 5AB: 3:05-3:55

    Tutorial Times:

    Daily 8:00-8:30am  and  3:55 - 4:30pm

    Course Information:

    Students can find all required assignments for my classes as well as instructional reference materials in our online Google Classrooms.  Parents, if you would like information about what we are studying in class, please ask your student to log in to Google Classroom and show you.

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