Future Members


    We are one of the largest and most successful groups in Georgetown! On this team, EVERYBODY PLAYS!

    Who we are:

    • We are one of the largest organizations on campus.
    • We are students looking to showcase our abilities, to be appreciated for our hard work, to learn something we've never done before and to have TONS of fun in the process.
    • We are starting on our paths to become doctors, lawyers, politicians, professional athletes and anything else we want to be.
    • We are the largest group of friends you could ever have at Benold Middle School.

    More info:

    Please take a look at our Instrument Selection Guide for more information about each instrument complete with audio clips of the sound of each instrument and even common personality traits of the players of each instrument.

    How to join the Benold MS Band:

    1. #1 - Fill out your choice sheet and list BAND as your #1 choice.
    2. #2 - You and your parents MUST come meet with a band director at the Instrument Test Drive. You will get to try all the instruments and find the one that is just right for you. Information about test drives will be sent to parents in your child's "take home folder" in the spring. 

    Benold MS Band FAQs:

    • Does it cost a lot to be in band?

    The main cost is the instrument. However, there are low-cost options for getting an instrument from a reputable music store. Do NOT let financial concerns keep you from joining!

    • How much time outside of school is required?

    NOT MUCH. For a beginner there are a few full-band rehearsals throughout the school year as well as concerts. You will also have the opportunity to go on several fun trips as a group!

    • Will band get in the way of making good grades?

    NOT LIKELY. While the amount of hard work toward classes is determined by each individual, over the years we have found the majority of students in band actually do BETTER in all of their other classes. Band helps created habits of excellence that carry over to a multitude of other activities.

    • Does a student need to have prior band or other musical experience?

    NO. While a background in piano or similar instrument can be helpful to a student's understanding of musical concepts, it is NOT necessary to have prior knowledge or training. Most of the students in the Benold MS Band had no prior music training outside regular elementary music.

    • Is it possible to be in band and have a lot of advanced classes?

    YES!!! In fact, quite a few of our current band student participate this way AND a majority of those even participate in football, volleyball, basketball, etc. in addition to that.

    • Will I be able to do band and athletics later?

    YES!!! As stated above, many of our current band students participate in numerous activities at Benold MS. In fact, it's even possible to participate in band an athletics at Georgetown or East View High School.

    - Make new friends!
    - Trips to Austin's Park and Pizza, Schlitterbahn and Six Flags!
    - Social Events!
    - Performance Opportunities!
    - Competitions!

    - 96% of our nation's astronauts performed in the fine arts during their school years, including Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. Mr. Armstrong was a talented Euphonium player in middle school and high school.

    - President Ronald Reagan was a trumpet player and was drum major in his high school band.

    - President Bill Clinton was a three year All-State band member on saxophone.

    - David Robinson of the San Antonio Spurs attributes much of his mental quickness and coordination to the study of keyboard and saxophone.

    - The National Association of Secondary School Principals reports 66% of all college freshmen drop out after their 1st year. In contrast, 96% of band students graduate from college.

    - The American Medical Association states that the #1 admittance to medical schools are students that majored in music as undergraduates. Pre-med majors are #2.

    - It is a fact that music students represent the top of the academic scale in our schools. We know that they are averaging 68 points higher on SAT exams.

    - Admission criteria into most major universities put "commitment through the senior year to an extracurricular activity" at the top of their list.