Private Lessons

  • It is the goal of the Georgetown ISD Fine Arts Department to provide the very best learning experiences for each music student. One of the most valuable learning experiences is the opportunity for students to study privately with a professional music performer/instructor. This enrichment opportunity is open to all music students grades six through twelve that are enrolled in a GISD music course. While private lessons are not required of any student; experience shows that students enrolled in private lessons typically become more skilled, more focused, more dedicated, have more competitive success and generally enjoy music courses more than students not taking private lessons.
    The GISD Private Music Lesson Program allows interested students the opportunity to receive additional individualized instruction beyond what can be provided by the GISD director. Some of the credit for the successes of the music groups of GISD no doubt is tied to the individual success of students engaged in the private lesson program.
    The GISD music staff works to offer the highest quality private instruction. All instructors have been screened, completed fingerprinting and passed individual background checks required by Georgetown ISD.
    Private lesson rates for GISD students are as follows-
    Per thirty minute lesson:
     No more than $25 for teachers with less than three years’ experience teaching lessons in Georgetown ISD
     No more than $30 for teachers with more than three years’ experience teaching lessons in Georgetown ISD
    Students make payment directly to the private lesson teacher, not to the school or GISD.
    Some private lessons take place during the school day - usually during your child’s class period. Lessons are also offered before or after school depending on instructor availability. Lessons should be taken once per week for a minimum of 30 minutes each. However, other arrangements can be made with the individual private lesson teacher.
    Please contact your campus music director to get recommendations about which of the GISD private lesson teachers would be best for your child. The GISD staff has the best understanding of the individual needs of each student and can make the best recommendations for pairing a student with a teacher.
    General Information
    1. Verification of personal screening and fingerprinting is completed by the Georgetown ISD Human Resources Department.
    2. Private Lessons are available for students in grades six through twelve enrolled in a GISD music course.
    3. Private lessons are optional. No student can be required or expected to take private lessons.
    4. Students electing to study privately are taught once per week during music class or before/after school.
    5. If a student must miss a private lesson for any reason the private lesson teacher must be notified in advance. Twenty-four hour advance notice is preferred. If the student attends classes on particular day, but misses his/her private lesson on that same day without proper notification, the student is expected to pay for the private lesson that is missed.