Overtime Compensation

  • Clock         The district compensates overtime for nonexempt employees in accordance with federal wage and hour laws. All employees are classified as exempt or nonexempt for purposes of overtime compensation. Professional and administrative employees are not eligible for overtime compensation. Only nonexempt employees (hourly employees including auxiliary and paraprofessional staff) are entitled to overtime compensation. Nonexempt employees are not authorized to work beyond their normal work schedule without prior approval from their supervisor. A normal work week varies according to an employees job type.  Overtime is compensated once an employee exceeds 40 hours.

    Time Worked vs. Time at Work

    When an employee wants to arrive at work early in order to relax before work or visit with others, the supervisor should make it clear that such time is not to be spent working. In rare cases, if an employee has been instructed not to work extra hours but continues to do so, the supervisor may write a directive to that employee. Supervisors must also remember that employees may not volunteer their time for duties similar to their regular duties.

    Recording Time Worked/Time Missed from Work

    All hourly employees use True Time in Skyward to report their time worked.  Time off in Skyward is used to report absences.  Discretionary personnel leave and vacation require prior approval.
    Controlling Accumulation of Compensatory Time

    Employees who earn compensatory time may accumulate up to 120 hours.  An employee may be asked to use their compensatory time prior to other types of leave.