Transition Decision Making Matrix

  • The Transition Decision Making Matrix is a wonderful tool to help understand the functioning level of all students.  This tool will also help develop appropriate IEP skills that will contribute to improved independence on any level.  This Matrix represents the typical developmental skills of any (PPCD through 18+) student within the areas of social / recreation / leisure, living skills, classroom skills (life – long learning) and skills towards employment. Use this matrix to identify where you or your child is currently functioning within each of the four Life Domain areas. 
    Be sure to remember that the Matrix is where you or your child is functioning today - not what you think you/they can do, but what you/they are actually doing.
    For complete instructions see the file below on How to use the Transition Decision Making Matrix.
    Questions to ponder...
    Employment: What kind of job/s would you like to have Would you like to work with others or alone Are there training services to help you after high school? How do you get to and from work?

    Social, Recreational, and Leisure: What kind of things do you do at home, in the neighborhood, or in the community? Where do your friends live? Will there be chances for you to have fun with people from work, home, family, or friends?

    Adult Living: Where do you want to live? Do you want to live alone or with others? What about insurance, benefits, and taxes? Do you need help with cooking, cleaning, washing your clothes, or taking your medicines? Do you need an advocate or counselor, support group, or regular check-ups?
    Lifelong Learning: What will you do to keep growing and learning? What will help you have a purposeful and meaningful life?
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