• PAP English II


    Credit: 1

    Grade Placement: 10
    Prerequisite(s): English I, Required Summer Reading: Fahrenheit 451

    The Pre-AP English II course is designed to further develop, and refine the strands of English language arts instruction which consists of the development of vocabulary including inferring word meanings; reading comprehension; writing a variety of written texts including expository essays and persuasive papers that mention counter-arguments; research; listening and speaking; and oral and written conventions of the English language. This course prepares students for the college level Advanced Placement program by emphasizing the higher level critical thinking skills of analysis, evaluation and synthesis through a focus on literary analysis.


    Summer Reading Assignment – English II PAP

    Purpose: The GHS English Department intends that students strive to become lifelong learners 

    and that learning should not cease upon the end of any given school year.  Coupled with this belief is the idea that students should maintain a higher level of reading mastery in preparation for higher education while having some choice in the reading material.  Reading varied works can empower students to take charge of their reading, challenging themselves to deeply witness the surrounding world.   


    Assignment: Students are to choose multiple novels from the given list and be prepared to write 

    three critical AP style open-ended essays which will utilize these summer reading materials. These essays will be assigned as in-class AP timed writes after the first full week of instruction.  It is critical that students read several of the given texts in order to fully address any given prompt. Keep in mind that depth of analysis while reading is essential, and note taking or annotation while reading can greatly improve students’ essays.        

    1. Their Eyes Were Watching God
    2. Things Fall Apart
    3. Fahrenheit 451
    4. Grendel
    5. In The Time of Butterflies
    6. The Invisible Man
    7. The Things They Carried 
    8. The Road
    9. The Awakening
    10. Great Expectations
    11. Jane Eyre
    12. The Scarlet Letter
    13. As I Lay Dying
    14. Brave New World


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