• Economics

    n      Focus: examine the basic principles concerning production, consumption, and distribution of goods and services in the United States and a comparison with those in other countries around the world.

    n      We will examine the rights and responsibilities of consumers and businesses.

    n      We will analyze the interaction of supply, demand, and price and study the role of financial institutions in a free enterprise system.

    n      We will discuss the types of business ownership and market structures as well as basic concepts of consumer economics

    You will need upload the etexbook, Economics from McGraw-Hill, for this course.


    First Nine Weeks
    Unit 1: Thinking Like an Economist
    Unit 2: Understanding Markets
    Unit 3: Business and Labor
    Second Nine Weeks
    Unit 4: Money, Banking, and Finance


    Unit 5: Measuring Economic Performance


    Unit 6: Government and the Economy

    Unit 7: The Global Economy
    Grading Policy


    n      Tests and Projects = 70%

    n      Daily Assignments, Quizzes, and Homework = 30%


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