• Art 3 Drawing


    Course Description:


    Art III Drawing is designed for students who have expressed interest and ability in creating two-dimensional art, and who have completed Art II Drawing.  During this course, students will have opportunities to explore new media, new techniques, and develop their own sense of creative expression. The elements and principles of art and design, effective composition, craftsmanship, originality and creative problem solving will drive this course. Students will study and research artists and art history, and will synthesize various influences with their own ideas in their original art. Students will create a digital record of their work, and will participate in art critiques and reviews of their work and the work of others. Lastly, students will have the opportunity to display their work in public places (i.e. Georgetown Public Library, etc.) and compete in contests.




    Fees and Supplies:


    ¨ Supply fee $30 – Cash or Check accepted. Please make check out to GHS.


    ¨ Sketchbook (from last year is fine, but it is mandatory that you have one)


    ¨ Portfolio (can be cardboard or poster board no bigger than 22”X 28”) – large enough for artwork and for keeping handouts, articles, finished written products, vocabulary, critiques, etc.




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