• Painting Course Information:

    Students will need to bring in an art fee and some supplies; most items are for your student's daily personal use, and others are for the class group supply closet. Students are asked to bring materials in, many times things we already have around the house. I provide most of everything they will need, but artists need to scavenge and search for inspiration too...

    I do assign independent or "at-home" art assignments with due dates, and we will have to work by a schedule. I will keep basic information on my web page for various information, but please check my grade book for a more accurate list of homework/classwork, major projects, due dates, and grades.
    If you have access to materials that may be useful in art- please call or email me before discarding- one person's trash is another's treasure right? 

    The "Art Lab Fee" of $30 is due immediately for all Painting II, III, IV and AP 2-D Studio Art courses. Material orders have to be made early so we may hit the ground running. Many of the art competitions we do start in October and go throughout the whole year.
    This is a hands-on course and learning cannot happen without supplies.
    Students are provided with many specialty art supplies including, but not limited to sketchbooks, various paints and inks, glazes/mediums, gesso/primers, tools, paper, canvas, linoleum, wood, brayers, and brushes to name only a few.

    4-Large Tubes of Acrylic Paint:

    Specifically these colors: 
    Cadmium Deep Red Hue, Ultramarine Blue, Yellow Ocre, Titanium White or Unbleached White

    1-Canvas Set of 2-3, "canvas board"or masonite: min. sizes 12"x 16" (use 40% coupons & sales) 

    1 -Roll of non-stick "painters" tape

    1- Roll of duct tape

    1- Container i.e., small tool box, shoe box, or pouch to store personal brushes, etc. 

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