• Art 1: Georgetown High School Visual Art Course

     Art 1 is the beginning Visual Art class covering perception, creative expression, art history, and aesthetic judgment. All art work will illustrate, compare, and contrast the elements of art and principles of art, and follow the required Texas Art TEKS. Students will demonstrate proper use of various media 2D & 3D. They will compare and contrast different art styles and trends throughout history, and apply their own aesthetic judgment in making, and learn the nuances of evaluating artwork.  We all start making art as children, and most of us stop somewhere along the way, why? Allow art to be a life long skill, a means of expressing oneself through visual communication for enjoyment, a hobby, a career, or make you a unique thinker to solve problems like no one else can. I am excited to teach your child this year, and share opportunities such as competitions, art shows, college, and career guest speakers. I will motivate them to be excited, educated, and more confident about themselves, their art skills, knowledge of art and beyond. They will have a wonderfully positive experience to grow from. I thank you for allowing me to teach your child.

    Warm Regards,

    Kiley Mitchell
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